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Power Grid Automation​

Power Grid Automation

Solutions for Grid Needs of Today and Tomorrow

The LaZer® Automation System offered by G&W represents the culmination of decades of experience in designing innovative power automation solutions. Customers can rely on G&W to meet their precise application needs with a wide range of pre-engineered automation solutions. G&W’s power grid automation line includes fault isolation and restoration systems, master station solutions, and voltage loss reconfiguration/automatic transfer solutions.
Wide Range of Solutions – From simple auto-transfer schemes to complex complete SCADA systems, G&W Electric’s automation portfolio includes custom and pre-engineered solutions.
Improved System Efficiency – Through automation, a system’s response to faults is optimized, improving the system’s reliability without requiring a truck roll.
Flexible Controls and Components – Every automation system from G&W Electric is configured to meet or exceed system requirements, with many options that include a choice of G&W Electric switchgear and innovative controls and communication equipment that are fully tested prior to shipment.
Reduced Life Cycle Costs – When you evaluate the cost of a power grid automation solution it should be from a total life cycle perspective. By including maintenance, warranties, and retrofit possibilities, it provides the total cost of the solution, not just the initial investment. G&W Electric’s Power Grid Automation solutions utilize low-maintenance switchgear and controls, warranties that include parts as well as performance, and are retrofit capable to keep the controls up-to-date with the latest technology.

Power Grid Automation Types

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