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As a leader in the recloser industry, G&W Electric has a proven track record of innovating reliable power grid solutions in the Americas. With the introduction of the Teros recloser, G&W Electric brings the same level of commitment, quality and service to the global market. Built to be a modular, turnkey solution, the Teros recloser is a highly reliable and cost-efficient way to improve system reliability and grid resiliency.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintenance-Free Mechanism – G&W simple mechanism delivers a lightweight, highly reliable, and maintenance-free device with a minimum of operating components and no operating electronics.
  • Designed for Automation – G&W recloser can be site ready for distribution automation applications with the integration of 6 voltage sensors as a standard offering and allows you to be ready for any future automation need.
  • Protection from Environmental Damage – External conditions can negatively impact the reliability and longevity of a recloser system. Standardizing on higher creepage modules and sealing the mechanism significantly reduces the potential of adverse conditions from damaging the recloser throughout its service life.
  • Easy-Access Control System – The Teros recloser system provides an easy access design with all the electronic components inside the control versus in the recloser mechanism, based on specific, direct customer feedback.
  • Transparent Cover for Mechanism Visibility – Viewing the window on the mechanism cover allows for clear visibility of the position indicator from a safe distance at the bottom of the pole.
  • Modular Controls – Simple, modular layout of control components allows for quick disconnecting and re-connecting of components without removal of other/unrelated devices.
  • Highest Level of Reliability – G&W Electric brings all its expertise and knowledge as the North American industry leader in reclosers to the global market with our new recloser offering, the Teros. G&W Electric’s proven commitment to quality and service ensures the highest level of reliability at a minimum cost.

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