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The ECOSMART OSD is medium voltage SF6 gas insulated, pole mounted switch-disconnector, up to 24kV 630A 16kA. It has a welded stainless steel tank containing the rotating contacts, an operating mechanism exceeding dead center type and six silicone insulators for the connections to the distribution grid.

Features and Benefits

  • SF6 gas insulated
  • Wide safety valve for over pressure relief
  • Internal arc tested
  • Operating mechanism suitable for different way of operation
  • Easy installation both on poles and pylons
  • Compact dimensions and light weight
  • Motorization available as option with electrical interlocks
  • Arranged for outdoor VT or surge arresters installation
  • In compliance with ENEL GSCM003 Standards
Ratings for IEC ECOSMART OSD -Outdoor SF6 Insulated LBS

Up to:
Rated Voltage:24kV
Rated Current:630A
Short Time Withstand Current:16kA 1 sec.