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Distribution and Transmission Cable Accessories

Distribution and Transmission Cable Accessories

A Comprehensive Line of Cable Terminations and Joints

G&W’s portfolio of distribution and transmission cable accessories reflects their long history of industry-leading research and development.

Ensuring System Quality and Reliability
G&W’s power cable accessories are designed to the latest industry standards to ensure time-proven, reliable system performance.

Adaptability for Many System Types
Transmission cable accessories are available for outdoor applications including equipment mounted and self-contained, pipe type and extruded cables. Distribution cable terminations and joints are available for a wide variety of cable types.

Advanced Designs and Materials
We are a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of quality cable accessories, with a long history of expertise that actively contributes to development standards for IEEE.

Distribution and Transmission Cable Accessory Types

Prevent accidental disconnect and maintain reliability with G&W Electric’s SSC160 Plug-in/Plug-out GIS Termination