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High Accuracy Sensors

High Accuracy Sensors

High Accuracy Current and Voltage Sensors

G&W Electric’s voltage sensing technology is a high accuracy, temperature compensated capacitive divider with high frequency measurement bandwidth which enables users to collect critical voltage data for optimizing grid power delivery and reliability. G&W Electric’s current sensing technology utilizes Rogowski coils that can measure a wide range of current measurements with high accuracy, from dynamic system loads to fault currents. Rogowski sensors are safe with no hazardous secondary voltages in the event of an open secondary circuit.
  • Versatility with one sensor for metering and protection applications
  • High accuracy up to 0.5 class over the temperature range
  • High frequency measurement bandwidth
  • Safety with low energy outputs and primary to secondary isolation
  • Light-weight, compact size for easy installation and retrofits
  • Reliability with no ferro resonance

High Accuracy Sensor Types

Explore the high accuracy sensor solutions by type to find those best suited to your needs.