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Outdoor Substation Breaker

Outdoor Substation Breaker

Outdoor Substation Breaker

The OD3Mag™ is the first MV Substation Breaker that allows the choice of 1-phase or 3-phase operation.

This feature allows you the performance and ratings of a circuit breaker and the functionality of a recloser. By tripping individual phases in distribution systems, utilities are able to improve their SAIDI and SAIFI scores and enhance the resiliency of their network.

  • Up to 15KV, 2000A, 31.5kA
  • Magnetically Actuated Breaker
  • Single-Phase Capability with Independent Pole Actuators
  • Extra Creep Bushings
  • Overhead Lift Standard
  • Padlock Provision
  • Lift-out Breaker for Easier Upgrades/Repairs
  • LV Control Instrument Panel Swing Door
  • Adjustable Leg Heights
  • Minimal Number of Enclosure Penetrations Prevents Leaks
  • Lift Off Doors
  • Single-Phase or 3-Phase Operation and Lockout
  • Instrumental Door Provision for Relay Controls
  • Forklift Lifting Provision
  • Lift Out Breaker Feature
  • Left or Right Door Swing
  • Manual Trip Lever and Mechanical Lockout (69 Switch)
  • CT and Ragowski Coil Options
    • Up To 2 Sets Per Bushing
    • Single and Multi Ratio CTs Available
Maximum voltage 15.5 kV RMS
Continuous current 1250A / 2000A RMS
Number of poles 3
Voltage range factor K 1
Power frequency 60 Hz
Power Frequency Withstand (dry/wet) 50 kV / 45 kV
BIL 125 kV
Standard operating duty O-0.3s-CO-15s-CO
Short-circuit current 31.5 kA RMS
Peak withstand current 82 kA Peak
Duration of short-circuit 2 s
Short-circuit making current 82 kA
Symmetrical interrupting capability 31.5 kA RMS
Asymmetrical interrupting capability 43 kA RMS
Interrupting time 3 cycle
Transient recovery voltage 34.2 kV
Control voltage 48Vdc, 125Vdc, 120Vac
Class S2
Maximum voltage 15.5 kV RMS
Number of poles 3
Rated over headline current 100 A
Rated capacitor bank current (back-to-back) 600 A
Rated peak inrush 6 kA
Rated inrush frequency 1.2 kHz
Class C2
Operation 10,000 ops
Maintenance Period 10,000 ops
Rated Minimum Operational Temperature -40° F (-40˚ C)
Rated Maximum Operational Temperature 131˚ F (50° C)
Rated IP IP55, IK10
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4
OD3Mag™ Dimensional Info

With the OD3Mag™ breaker, JST combines field proven magnetic actuation with independent pole operation to achieve the first ever single-phase capable substation circuit breaker.

The OD3Mag™ Breaker is designed to help improve utility SAIDI and SAIFI scores. With magnetic actuation, the breaker will reduce O&M requirements, improve performance, and provide consistent, reliable operation across it’s lifetime.

  • 1.06” diameter holes
  • 4 lifting locations points welded to the roof
  • 15.5kV, 125kV BIL, Porcelain
  • Extra Creep: 25.2″ Top, 18.3″ Bottom
  • 1250A: 1 1/4″ – 12 threaded stud
  • 2000A: 2 1/4″ – 12 threaded stud
  • 6 exterior grounding locations
  • Roof: Welded, Aluminum
  • Enclosure: Welded, Stainless Steel
  • Swing open from left or right side

  • 34.25” x 28.00”

The Advantage

In today’s challenging market, the OD3Mag™ offers an opportunity to improve system reliability, faster restoration times and better customer satisfaction.

  • Position Indicators for each pole
  • Operation counter can be viewed from outside
  • Minimum enclosure penetrations prevent water intrusion
  • The welded roof design transfers weight of bushings and CTs to the cabinet side panels thereby reducing roof deflection and reducing water leakage issues
  • Innovative gasket system ensures sealing around bushing entrance points under moments of flex from external forces
  • Stainless steel door hanger on high voltage cabinet creates automatic grounding point and increases safety during removal and replacement of the door
  • Optional Forklift provisions allow more convenient handling and installation of the breaker on site
  • Helps utilities improve their SAIDI and SAIFI scores
  • Robust cabinet design requires no visual inspections outside of 5 year recommended maintenance cycle
  • No lubrication or regular maintenance requirements on the actuator
  • Direct drive of push rods eliminates structural torquing of break drive components
  • Consistent operating time of the mechanism across entire rated temperature range and min/max operating voltages of the breaker
  • Rare earth magnets lose <1 % of flux density over time, requiring no adjustments throughout breaker lifetime
  • Actuator controls are self-monitoring and report breaker status at all times
  • Quieter actuation compared to traditional spring-spring mechanism