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Trident® Solid Dielectric Switchgear


Features and Benefits

Construction – Available compact construction with front accessible switch operators and bushings, or front access to operators and rear access to bushings.

Fault Interrupting – Single or three phase fault interrupting up to 12.5kA. Operating handles can be configured for single or three phase manual operation.

Self Powered Protection – G&W Electric Type VI controls are self-powered by the fully encapsulated current sensors in the Trident®. Standard industry curves including fuse emulation curves for overcurrent and ground fault protection.

Automation – A variety of relays such as SEL, ABB and GE are available for protection with G&W Electric cabinet construction. Cabinets can be ordered in a low voltage enclosure for padmount, and pedestal, wall mount or IP68 rated submersible for vault installation switchgear.