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Trident®-ST is a three phase load break or fault interrupting switch with single phase switched ways. Each phase of the mechanism can be independently opened or tripped and reset, providing the ability to maintain energization of the other phases in the case of a single phase outage or fault. A mechanically ganged reset handle is available.

Features and Benefits

  • Construction – Available compact construction with front accessible switch operators and bushings, or front access to operators and rear access to bushings.
  • Fault Interrupting – Single or three phase fault interrupting up to 12.5kA. Operating handles can be configured for single or three phase manual operation.
  • Self Powered Protection – G&W Electric Type VI controls are self-powered by the fully encapsulated current sensors in the Trident®. Standard industry curves including fuse emulation curves for overcurrent and ground fault protection.
  • Automation – A variety of relays such as SEL, ABB and GE are available for protection with G&W Electric cabinet construction. Cabinets can be ordered in a low voltage enclosure for padmount, and pedestal, wall mount or IP68 rated submersible for vault installation switchgear.
Ratings Chart for Trident® Spring-operated Switchgear
Voltage Class (kV)152535*
Max. System Voltage (kV)15.5‡27†38
BIL (kV)110125150
Continuous Current (A)630§630§630§
Load Break Current (A)630§630§630§
AC Withstand, 1 min. (kV)356070
AC Withstand, Productions, 1 min. (kV) 344050
DC Withstand, 15 min.5378103
Momentary Current, RMS, Asym (kA) 20**2020
Fault Close 3 Times, Asym (kA) 20**2020
Current, Sym (kA), 1 Sec. 12.5**12.512.5
Fault Interrupting Current, Sym (kA)12.5**12.512.5
Vacuum Interrupter Mechanical Operations2,0002,0002,000
§ Up to 900A available on In/Out ; Up to 800A available on non-SafeVu multiway Trident
* 35kV not applicable for Trident-SP
† Models available up to 29.3kV
‡ Trident-S with SafeVu feature limited to 95kV BIL for 15kV
** 16kA available upon request up to 15.5kV with 25.6kA asym. Momentary Current and Fault Close