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Trident® Solid Dielectric Switchgear

Trident® Solid Dielectric Switchgear

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G&W Trident® solid dielectric insulated switches offer more flexibility without the need for preventative maintenance leading to a longer-lasting solution that can be designed for your unique application. As a proven solution in corrosive environments and submersible applications, Trident switches provide the total lifecycle cost and operational benefits of fuseless, electronically controlled, resettable overcurrent protection, with the safety and maintenance benefits of an environmentally friendly dead-front design.
Trident®-ST is a three phase load break or fault interrupting switch with single phase switched ways. Each phase of the mechanism can be independently opened or tripped and reset, providing the ability to maintain energization of the other phases in the case of a single phase outage or fault. A mechanically ganged reset handle is available.


Trident®-S is a three phase, spring-assisted load break or fault interrupting switch. Its side-mounted handles can be positioned with a hookstick eye on top or bottom, providing the ideal mechanical advantage for either vertical or horizontal mounting.



Trident®-SP is a single phase, spring-assisted load break or fault interrupting switch. It provides fault protection through vacuum interrupters with integral current transformers and overcurrent control options. Both vertical or horizontal mounting options are available.


Trident®-SR series offers extremely fast operation speeds of just 3.5 cycles for both load and fault interrupting options. Its flexible design can be configured to provide a wide range of solutions for any application, from basic remote operation, to distribution automation, or Smart Grid schemes including Automatic Transfer in under 10 cycles.

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