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Power Assisted Fuses (PAF)

Power Assisted Fuses (PAF)

G&W Electric’s Power Assisted Fuse (PAF®) offers current limiting to systems with continuous current ratings through 630A and up to 38kV. This makes the PAF ideal for applications beyond the ratings of conventional current limiting fuses and for economical alternatives to conventional expulsion, vacuum and SF6 fuses which are not current limiting. The PAF is a commutating form of current limiting device where the continuous current is carried by a continuous copper bus bar path. This path is opened under overcurrent conditions to introduce a parallel mounted current limiting fuse. The PAF can be mounted indoors or out. Metal enclosed PAF fuses are available with enclosures, cable terminations, bus connections, supports and enclosures.

Features and Benefits

  • Need for Improved Protection – With the ever increasing demand for electrical energy, distribution systems have been forced to expand and grow. Stiffened transmission systems, increased substation capacity and on-site generation all contribute to subsequent increases in available fault currents imposed on equipment. This short circuit current, if uncontrolled can exceed the thermal and mechanical capability of electrical devices on the system, severely damaging equipment and thus jeopardizing power supply.
Electrical Ratings Chart for Power Assisted Fuses (PAFs)

Max. Voltage2.8 - 38kV
BIL Impulse60 - 200kV
Continuous Current200 - 600A
Interrupting Rating40 / 60kA sym.