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Current Limiting System Protection

Current Limiting System Protection

Unparalleled Fault Current System Protection

G&W’s commutating current limiters provide fault current protection for systems rated 15.5 through 38kV and for applications that include power transformer protection, system upgrades, reactor bypass, cogeneration and closing bus ties. Limiters are available for a wide range of overcurrent interrupting and current limitation requirements.

  • A Safer Solution – Current limiters combine the benefits of circuit breakers and overcurrent protective devices to deliver reliable multi-hazard electrical protection that help keep your workers and equipment safe from arc flashes and system damage.
  • Sealed for a Range of Environments – G&W’s current limiters are compact and feature completely sealed construction for successful installation indoors or outdoors, mounted on a pole or set within an enclosure.
  • Real-Time Data – Built-in current transformers provide real-time current values to the internal electronics to help users protect against short-circuit interruptions without the need to add new equipment.
  • Simple System Upgrade – Operators can upgrade their systems by installing our current limiters without the need to replace underrated equipment such as circuit breakers, reclosers, switches or busbars.

Current Limiting System Protection Types

Explore the current limiting system protection solutions by type to find those best suited to your needs.