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Sodertite Terminations

Sodertite Terminations

G&W Electric’s Sodertite Terminations are high quality, factory sealed cable terminations designed for maximum reliability. They feature exclusive metal-to-porcelain soldered joints which eliminates the need for gaskets and reduces installation time. Since their introduction in 1940, Sodertite terminations continue to prove the superiority of their design in an increasing number of field installations. The terminations will accept low pressure oil and gas filled cables as well as all extruded dielectric and paper insulated single and three conductor cables on distribution systems up to 46kV. Sodertite terminations are designed and tested in accordance with IEEE-48, 1975 standards for Class 1 terminations.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum external insulation – The highest grade, wet process porcelain provides excellent mechanical strength and electrical characteristics. The large diameter, petticoat design combined with an external conducting glaze between the bottom petticoat.
  • Reliable stress control – Stress relief cone kits consisting of insulating tapes and shielding braid are available as an insulating medium depending upon the application.
Sodertite Ratings Chart

Voltage (kV)152534.54669
BIL (kV)110150200250350
Current ratingSame as cableSame as cableSame as cableSame as cableSame as cable
1 minute dry, ac (kV)506590120175
6 hour dry, ac (kV)355575100120
10 second wt, ac (kV)456080100145
15 minute dry, dc (kV)75105140170245

Accessories Chart for Sodertite

Aerial Lugs
Style 4 Clamp Type
Style 8 Vertical 4 Hole Flat Pad
Style 18 Horizontal Flat Pad
NovoidNovoid ANovoid XNovoid 224