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Switchgear for Greater Safety and Performance

G&W’s distribution switchgear is engineered to industry standards, meeting the needs of your application while ensuring operator safety. With this comprehensive line, we can provide switchgear for any padmount or vault application with ratings for primary substation and secondary distribution.

Provide Operators with Easy-to-Use Equipment – G&W switchgear can be operated manually or within distribution automation solutions. Padmount switchgear provides easy access to cable connections and operating apparatus, while vault switchgear can be wall- or floor-mounted for underground installations with flexibility to the direction of incoming underground cable connections.
Ensure Safety with Tested and Proven Switchgear – Designed and tested to industry standards, G&W switchgear are field-tested and proven, with many still in service after more than 60 years of operation. In 2012 G&W introduced SafeVu™, the first visible break in a solid dielectric that allows elbows to remain installed and eliminates the need for additional devices to achieve visible break.
In-House Design Expertise – G&W’s extensive portfolio of switchgear provides options for a wide range of applications and a variety of system configurations and a variety of ratings. All G&W Electric designed mechanisms are tested to industry standards by in-house experts.
Get Quality Solutions for Your Application – G&W switchgear offers industry-leading solutions for a wide range of applications — including those that involve load switching, line sectionalizing, fault interruption, substation and distribution automation to automate with motors or magnetic actuators.

Switchgear and Cabinet Types

Explore switchgear and cabinet solutions by type to find those best suited to your needs.